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So I guess I left for a while.

2009-03-28 09:35:21 by Timmy-the-Wing

But I'm back now.
I believe I disappeared at what I like to call the Newgrounds Recession in the spring of 2008; where everything was Awesome and the All-Time Top list mimicked the Best of the Week list. I remember well nearly every good animator bitching about some shit on Newgrounds, with all of them eventually deciding that this would make jackshit of a difference.
Now, however, it seems much of this has subsided. With the culmination of a physical recession, I guess people had something of comparison, and thus discovered that hey! - Newgounds ain't so bad after all. That's sure what happened to me when I started lurking here again in November.

In this hiatus I've very much matured as well. I'm actually so old that the age you see to the left of this post is actually my age (I'm no longer a fugitive!), so I think that can be left alone for the rest of my permanent stay here. It's made me realise how ambitious my thoughts are; perhaps it's my jealousy regarding Internet legends like Andrew Kepple (well into their twenties), and that I wish to achieve what they do right now when I'm barely in my double figures.
Speaking of legends, I see HotDiggedyDemon - my all-time Flash hero - has been very busy up to now with multiple projects nominated for Movie of 2008, and I praise him yet more for that.
But what about me? I do have this animation for a national competition I'm currently making, which should be done by its deadline: May 1st. It's less than a minute long, which is what I should be doing; tiny yet satisfying chunks of animation, lest I dream of making huge animations only which never get done.
And so, nearly a year and one month since my last post here, I say to you; shit happens. But so does shift.

Farewell, friends. I shall be back.


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