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Oh, this actually saw the light of day, huh!

Lemme tell you - I had no idea what this was until reading most of the reviews, and when it hit me, I was like: "Oh, so this is THAT thing!" it's been so long in the making.

Nice work. It didn't really disappoint, and I'm glad to see something that finally does a proper World War III enactment. The lack of dialogue for half of it really perveys the feeling of the whole piece. However, the monologue at the beginning is really off-putting - I'd have like to seen something more original conceptualised.

The graphics need no comment. You certainly know your stuff. I'll admit, the ratio between good animation and good still design is a bit off-balanced, but the still graphics really compensates for that. I was a bit miffed to see another 10MB+ Flash be so short, but I'm not as surprised here what with all the effects and detail.

Keep it up - you've got a lot of talent. Don't be discouraged by the fact this took so long; if you practice more and more, perhaps on shorter, but just as good pieces, you'll be able to compress all this standard into a shorter time frame. Here's to seeing Duke Nukem Forever this good. ;)


I was going to click on this link in the Top 50, but it always seemed to slip my mind.

What a fool I was.
The style is a bit wierd with the thin lines and such, but the animation certainly makes up for it. Most other people just go ahead with the brush, but you've been brave enough to try and it looks brilliant.

The song.. Is simply one of the best things ever! First, you think how could The Beatles come up with something like that? Then you just shut up and let it take you over.

This proves that they are the best band of all time. Thank you for showing a song that we should have heard ages ago, and for doing it justice.

How do you do these so fast?

"Fuck! SHIT! Oh, yeah, the censoring" XD

This is getting better and better each episode. They should put them into a collection they're so good!

What's more, we only need wait like, a week before each episode, and the quality of them, makes it good enough to be in the monthly top 5.

MACception responds:

:D A collection? Monthly!? Dude...I dunno...that's some tough company! :D

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Fabulous little game!

I've only gotten up to level 14 so far, but I'm already hooked. The intuitive interface and simple controls leave the mindwracking puzzles to take centre stage. I absolutely love the fact you included an undo button as well; I've seen this in too small a number of puzzle games, but it's soo convenient when you realise you've started to go astray. Of course, a reset button is still great for when you just completely screw up, so thanks for including both. The way the robot faces light up when you complete a level is also a really charming addition.

What else can I say? It's a really well made game, and I shall accept your challenge to complete all 32 levels. First, I just thought I should say what a great job you've done. :)

bateleur responds:

Thanks Timmy... and good luck! :-)


Oh, man, this is just so awesome. I got up to no. 102; SO CLOSE!! Yet so far. Damn you... you.. dot!

Splapp, you've really outdone yourself this time. I'll give you fives everyday - The Impossible Quiz must reign on Newgrounds as one of the best games for all time.

Until The Impossible Quiz II comes out, of course. :P

"He's the man who's gonna tell you off"

Brilliant choice of music, much effort into the graphics, and just downright addictiveness makes this one of the best dress-up/Christmas submissions EVER. If this doesn't get Daily Feature and win the Crimbo compo, I shall SPANK the Newgrounds public.


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