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Entry #4

OK I guess I'm back but that's probably going to be false very soon

2011-04-04 18:41:43 by Timmy-the-Wing

So hey, that 1-minute animation I said I'd make 2 years ago? I decided I'd make that for the University of Manchester's Animation '11 competition - about a week before it ended. What followed was a rush to complete something that I managed to submit a minute before the deadline of midnight, April 1. But hey - at least I partook in something. We'll have to wait until May to see where that got me.

"So why isn't it on NewGrounds," you may ask? Meh. I have a lot of "finished" things I've made but it puts me to shame to see them face the general public. I'd much rather give you guys something incredible that I spent months on, but alas, I haven't made anything like that yet.

It'll take a few more months before I even start anything like that, too, since this year I've decided to properly enter the Tournament of Flash Artists (hosted on NG this year). I mean, I tried competing in the last couple of years, but everything I started never got finished, and I never made it past the open round. This year I'm going to use everything at my disposal to finish SOMETHING. And the best thing is that it starts in the middle of the Easter holidays, so I should be able to get cracking right away. Wish me luck.


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2011-04-25 21:30:24

hmm.... good post and i can't wait till it finally releases on NG,And happy Easter dude. :)