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The One Layer Collab - Released and Acknowledged!

2008-01-18 15:55:47 by Timmy-the-Wing put it lightly :p

But yeah, it's cool. Hell, my first (co-, but nonetheless still a) submission giving me an award! That's unheard of, lol.

So... here I am. COME GET MEH! Following the release of The One Layer collab, it turns out I'm getting a small pile of visitors visiting this userpage, so I'm gonna spruce it up a bit - I'll make a personal icon and avatar, for instance, but maybe in February.

Well, now that this is done, I've got a lot planned ahead. For the next few weeks I'll be making something for a "Songs to Wear Pants To Collab", which has LOADS of great animators participating, including squeakytoad and R. Wappin. Then again, people like them are going to thrash my chances of getting co-authored, so perhaps that's a bad thing... :p After that, I might try a go at the second Pass-My-Flash - which is cool, because everyone who gets a part in them gets co-authored, because there aren't many of them. The parts have tight deadlines though...

But I guess that's enough for now. Thanks for reading this, if you are, and watch out for me in February. :)


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2008-01-19 11:23:39

lol william

(Updated ) Timmy-the-Wing responds:

lol wasim


2008-01-20 22:09:29

I was really impressed with your contributions to OLC, keep it up! btw, how many people favorite author'd you after it got the FP? just curious. :)

(Updated ) Timmy-the-Wing responds:

Seven. :D

Yours was cool too. I especially liked the third part - that had awesome squash & stretch usage in it. You could make that into a game :D

EDIT - Eight now :D


2008-03-01 00:47:44

Everyone gets coauthored in the STWPT collab.

Timmy-the-Wing responds:

Oh, wicked! That's what I like to see - everyone getting their fair share of credit. :)